Peace of Mind with Hospice

Navigating your way toward life’s end can be overwhelming and frightening. Hospice was created specifically for families on this difficult journey. Just as there are specialists in cardiology, gastroenterology or oncology, Hospice professionals are the specialists in end-of-life care.

Our experienced and compassionate staff comes to your home, hospital room, group or adult home to manage symptoms and keep you comfortable.

Hospice endorses a holistic approach to health care, with a deep understanding that serious illness often results in profound physical, emotional and spiritual changes.

Here are the services we provide:

Pain Management: You do not have to live in pain. Hospice helps you manage pain, usually with medications, while still remaining alert.

Symptom Control: Hospice care can help with many other problems such as lack of appetite, trouble breathing and fatigue.

Supplies and Equipment: Hospice can supply items related to the terminal illness, including beds, oxygen, wheelchairs and walkers.

Medications: Related to the terminal illness.

Personal Care: Hospice can help with assistance for basic hygiene, dressing, and other personal-care needs, including bed linen changes.

Therapy: This may include physical, occupational or speech therapy, if needed.

Counseling: This includes providing support while helping a person see death as a natural part of life.

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