Understanding Hospice

Understanding Hospice

Myth: Hospice is just for cancer patients.

Reality: Anyone with a life limiting illness of six months or less, is eligible for Hospice care. In fact, most of our clients are cancer-free.

Myth: I have to be in my final days to be eligible for Hospice care.

Reality: Hospice patients can live for months, weeks or days. However, the longer you are in our program, the more services you are able to receive. We don’t know how long you’ll live. But for however long that may be, we want you to have the best life possible.

Myth: Hospice is just for the elderly.

Reality: Hospice is for individuals of all ages. We care for patients in every season of their life.

Myth: Only doctors can refer patients to Hospice.

Reality: Anyone can notify Hospice of a patient in need. This is the first step to admission.

Myth: I can’t see my own doctor.

Reality: We actively collaborate with your own doctor to make sure that you have the best care.

Myth: My doctor has to practice in Chenango County.

Reality: Your doctor can practice in any county, as long as you live in Chenango County.

Myth: I’ll be house-bound.

Reality: No. Many of our patients are still very active. They go out to lunch with friends, take rides in the countryside and attend important family functions.

Myth: I’ll have no say in my own treatment.

Reality: You’ll have every say in your treatment. We provide options. You make the decisions.

Myth: Hospice is a religious organization.

Reality: We are not affiliated with any religious organization, however our chaplains are available to help with your spiritual needs, if you choose.

Myth: Hospice is only for patients living at home.

Reality: Services are also provided in contracted hospitals, nursing homes, group and adult homes.

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